30% Cash Rebate for Film and TV Production 

Icon Art Production provides comprehensive support to help you benefit from 30% cash rebate for film and TV production.
This incentive is designed to attract international and local productions, offering significant financial benefits.

Key Details Include:

  • Eligibility: Understanding the criteria for qualifying projects.
  • Application Process: Step-by-step guidance on how to apply for the rebate.
  • Maximizing Benefits: Strategies to make the most of the rebate for your production.

Films, TV Programs, Music Videos, Corporate Videos&TV Commercials
IAP initiates to develop film and TV industry to promote Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Ras Al Khaimah, Fujairahand other Emiratesof UAE as a production location for local and International production industry. We are passionate about the Film & TV, Music Videos and TV Commercial Productions. Wehave worked on over all 700+ Productions in past 8 Years. We understand what is required to create quality content, to achieve a quality productionand what productions houses, producers, directors, DOP’s and Agencies/ Clients would require to complete the productions.

Films, TV Programs, Music Videos, Corporate Videos & TV Commercials

Industry Development: Icon Art Production (IAP) is dedicated to advancing the film and TV industry by promoting Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Ras Al Khaimah, Fujairah, and other Emirates as prime production locations for local and international projects. With over 5000 Projects in the past 17 years, we understand the essentials of creating high-quality content and meeting the needs of production houses, producers, directors, DOPs, and clients.

Proven Record:

  • Worked on 5000+ Projects, including films, TV programs, commercials, corporate films, music videos, events, and exhibitions.
  • Committed to supporting and growing the local industry.

Eligibility for Rebate Program:

  • Open to local and international production houses and producers.
  • Applicable for those doing a minimum of 2 productions per month or year.

Why Choose the IAP Rebate Program:

  • Support for small, medium, and large productions in the UAE.
  • Attract international productions to the UAE.
  • Loyalty program for production houses and producers.

What We Offer – Productions Rebate:

  • 30% cash rebate on production spend in the UAE.
  • No fees for script approval and shooting permits for public locations.
  • Free assistance with location scouting, budgeting, and production negotiations.
  • Help with obtaining shooting permits, visas, script approvals, and customs clearance.
  • In-house and freelance professional crew arrangements.
  • Competitive rates for studio and post-production facilities.
  • Special rates with 5-star, 4-star, and 3-star hotel apartments.

The Benefits – Productions:

  • No fees for script approval and shoot permits for public locations.
  • Special discounts on locations, hotels, cast, and vanities.
  • Sponsorship opportunities for feature films.
  • 30% discount on equipment, 20% discount on transport, and 15% discount on crew.
  • 30% rebate cashback on overall production after the completion of the 2nd production.
  • Special discounts for long-term productions in the UAE.
Rebate Value for Productions:
Minimum AED
Maximum AED
Music Videos
AED 50,000/-
AED    250,000/-
TV Commercials
AED 50,000/-
AED    500,000/-
TV Programs
AED 100,000/-
AED 1,000,000/-
Documentary Films
AED 100,000/-
AED    250,000/-
Feature Films
AED 250,000/-
AED 3,500,000/-

Take advantage of this attractive incentive with Icon Art Production's expertise. Contact us today to learn more and start planning your next project in Dubai UAE. 


I am delighted to share my experience of working with Icon art production  over the past ten years. As a long-standing partner, I have continually been impressed by the exceptional service and unwavering support they provide.

From the very beginning, Icon art production has proven to be an invaluable asset to our projects. Their state-of-the-art studio spaces are not only well-maintained but also equipped with the latest technology, ensuring that our production quality is always top-notch. The versatility and convenience of their facilities have allowed us to bring our creative visions to life without any logistical hiccups.

Moreover, the camera equipment rentals offered by Icon art production have been a game-changer for us. Their inventory is extensive, featuring the latest models and cutting-edge technology. The equipment is always in impeccable condition, and the team at Icon art production. goes above and beyond to ensure that we have everything we need, when we need it.

One of the standout aspects of working with Icon House is their dedicated and highly skilled manpower. The crew members are not only experts in their respective fields but also incredibly professional and easy to work with. Their commitment to excellence and their collaborative spirit have significantly contributed to the success of our productions.

Over the past decade, Icon art production. has consistently demonstrated reliability, innovation, and a genuine passion for the craft of filmmaking. Their comprehensive support and attention to detail have made them an indispensable partner for us. We look forward to many more years of fruitful collaboration with Icon art production. whom we consider a part of our production family now.

Kalyan Chakravarthy
Kalyan Chakravarthy

Creative Director/ Producer


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