Visual Effect

 Visual effects (VFX) are increasingly playing a vital supporting role in movies, series and high-end commercials.

We specialize in a high degree of complexity and digital environments. A team of internationally experienced supervisors and excellent senior artists work in our VFX department. Our VFX portfolio takes an integrated approach. It includes full support, the script, the concept and the implementation of your project in terms of post-production. Our artists closely liaise with you to come up with storyboards and pre-visualizations to give you an initial idea of the look and feel. And ensure you take the right decisions for the rest of the project. Furthermore, we will keep to deadlines, ensure cost-efficiency and talk to your directors every step of the way. And we’ll involve other departments in our company, for example set-building, cameras and sound effects (SFX) to ensure everything goes without a hitch. By making use of all our many resources we’ll come up with an exceptional visual production that leaves a lasting impression.