30% Cash Rebate In Dubai

Films, TV Programs, Music Videos, Corporate Videos&TV Commercials
IAP initiates to develop film and TV industry to promote Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Ras Al Khaimah, Fujairahand other Emiratesof UAE as a production location for local and International production industry. We are passionate about the Film & TV, Music Videos and TV Commercial Productions. Wehave worked on over all 700+ Productions in past 8 Years. We understand what is required to create quality content, to achieve a quality productionand what productions houses, producers, directors, DOP’s and Agencies/ Clients would require to complete the productions.
Industry Development:
  • We already have a proven record of bringing the Industry together.
  • Worked on 1000 Productions in Films, TV Programs, TV Commercials, Corporate Films, Music Videos and Events & Exhibitions. Corporate Films,
  •  Growing the industry to the next level by supporting the local industry.
Eligibility for Rebate Program:
  • Local & International Production Houses, and  Producers.
  • Anyone  doing minimum 2 Productions in a month or a year.
Why IAP Rebate Program:
  •  A Support program required for small, Medium and Large Productions happening in UAE.
  • We want to attract international productions to make their production destination as UAE.
  • Payback to our Clients with loyalty program we have created to support all the production houses, Producers.
What we Offer – Productions Rebate:
Our responsibility to assist production companies or producers through the production process:
  • Icon Art Production 30% Cash Rebate on production spend, is one of the initiative to Support Local Production Companies & Producers  by giving leverage & support to earn 30% Cash on every project they do in UAE.
  • No Fees will be charged for Script Approval & Shooting Permit for Public Locations.
  • Free Assistance in finding Locations, Budgeting, All Necessary production negotiations
  • Assisting with the procedures to obtain shooting permits, visas, script approval, and customs clearance Equipment’s, Transport, cast and Crew and various necessaries requirements of Productions.
  • In-house and Freelance experienced & professional crew arrangement as required.
  • We will provide studios and post-production facilities at competitive rates
  • We have collaboration with 5Star, 4Star and 3Star Hotel Apartments can provide special Rates.
The Benefits – Productions:
  • No Fees on Script Approval & Shoot Permit for Publics Locations.
  • Special Discounts on Locations, Hotels, Casts, Vanities, etc.
  • Sponsorship Opportunities for Feature Films.
  • 30% Discount on Equipment, 20% Discount on Transport and 15% Discount on Crew.
  • 30% Rebate Cash back on overall Production after completion of 2nd Production.
  • Special Discounts for long term productions in UAE can be discussed.
Rebate Value for Productions:
Minimum AED
Maximum AED
Music Videos
AED 50,000/-
AED    250,000/-
TV Commercials
AED 50,000/-
AED    500,000/-
TV Programs
AED 100,000/-
AED 1,000,000/-
Documentary Films
AED 100,000/-
AED    250,000/-
Feature Films
AED 250,000/-
AED 3,500,000/-