Location Approval

We Work for you to get approval for all kind of media production approvals by facilitating all permits necessary for shooting from the Government and Private sectors

Conditions and Documents required for submission with the Application Form:

  • Ensure that the Script is either in English or Arabic Language (scripts in other languages must be translated by a Legal Translator or bear the stamp of a Legal Translation Office).
  • Attach a final revised Script with detailed shot reviews of every scene intended for shooting/filming in Dubai / UAE.
  • Requests for Photo Shoots or Films without scripts require a minimum of 3 days for processing.
  • It is mandatory for the applicant to follow all the rules and regulations of UAE.
  • It is mandatory for all shoots to have full insurance covering - Crew, Equipment, Locations and Workmen compensation After the submission of a final revised script with this form, no changes on the script will be accepted.
  • Attach photocopies of all crew members' passports and a copy of the Company's Trade License with this form.
  • The filming company and crew must take all necessary precautions of general safety and security. It is PROHIBITED to shoot in Restricted Areas such as Government Departments, Ministries, Royal Palaces, Military Outposts and Oil Refineries.
  • It is PROHIBITED to shoot any scenes projecting disrespect to social perspectives, culture and values of the UAE.
  • Dubai Technology and Media Free Zone Authority reserve the right to request additional documents whenever they find necessary.
  • Dubai Technology and Media Free Zone Authority reserve the right to reject any application without verifications.
  • It is PROHIBITED to shoot any scene that may reflect unethically or negatively upon any economical, political or ideological issues.
  • Requests for Photo Shoots or Films with scripts require a minimum of 15 days for processing.
  • Please submit a NO OBJECTION LETTER issued by the original company that commissioned this shooting / filming project, clearly stating that they do not object to your company conducting the shooting
  • The production company is permitted to shoot ONLY in the specified areas of request. To shoot in any private retail or commercial area, permission must be obtained directly from the owners of the retail and/or commercial outlets.
  • The process for organizing filming permits always takes time, as each project has to be approved by the authorities. Please do not arrange to bring crews to Dubai UAE or surrounding region to film unless you have filming permit.If you try to film without a valid permit you will be stopped by the police. We are happy to advise you on the permit application process or can act as your Line Producers on your behalf.


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