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Icon Art Production offers comprehensive local talent provision services to meet the staffing needs of film, television, advertising, events, and multimedia projects in Dubai and Abu Dhabi. Our services encompass sourcing, auditioning, and managing a diverse range of local talent, including actors, extras, models, presenters, and performers.

  • Talent Sourcing: We maintain an extensive database of local talent across various demographics, ages, ethnicities, and skill sets. Our talent scouts actively seek out new talent through auditions, talent showcases, and networking events to ensure a diverse and dynamic pool of candidates.
  • Audition Coordination: We organize and facilitate auditions and casting calls for specific roles or projects, ensuring that each candidate has the opportunity to showcase their skills and suitability for the role. We handle all aspects of audition coordination, including scheduling, venue booking, and communication with talent.
  • Casting Services: Our experienced casting directors collaborate with clients and directors to identify the most suitable talent for each role based on the project's requirements, vision, and budget. We provide expert guidance and recommendations throughout the casting process to ensure the selection of the best-fit talent.
  • Talent Management: Once talent has been selected for a project, we handle all aspects of talent management, including contract negotiation, scheduling, and communication. We ensure that talent is briefed on their roles, responsibilities, and expectations for the project, and we provide ongoing support and assistance as needed.
  • Extras Casting: In addition to principal roles, we also provide extras casting services to fulfill background and crowd scenes in film, television, and event productions. We recruit and coordinate extras to ensure that scenes are populated realistically and appropriately for the project.
  • Model Casting: For projects requiring models for fashion shows, photo shoots, or promotional events, we offer model casting services to select the right talent based on criteria such as appearance, experience, and suitability for the role.
  • Presenter and Host Casting: We specialize in casting presenters, hosts, and spokespersons for television programs, corporate videos, events, and live shows. We identify talent with the right charisma, presence, and communication skills to engage audiences effectively.
  • Performance Artists Casting: Whether it's dancers, musicians, acrobats, or other performance artists, we provide casting services to source and select talent for entertainment productions, live events, and multimedia projects.
  • Professionalism and Support: Our team is committed to providing professional and personalized support throughout the talent provision process, from initial casting calls to the completion of the project. We strive to exceed client expectations and ensure the success of every production through our dedicated and attentive service.


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