Photography - Beginner

Workshop Overview:

It's a 6 hours’ workshop which will show you how to use your digital camera using various settings beyond the straight automatic.

The Workshop Topics
  • How to choose a camera?
  • Which type of lenses and suggestions?
  • To Learn Fundamentals of Camera (ISO, SP & F-stop)
  • The Lighting Techniques.
  • How to turn your flash off and get better results.
  • Understanding light and using it effectively for better photos.
  • Some Tips for getting the best pictures.
  • We will show Settings like White Balance for natural color. You will learn how to match the camera's white balance to the color of the prevailing light. You will also learn how to use WB creatively; turn day into night, add warmth to a portrait.
  • Understanding Exposure, how to prevent under and over exposure using the Histogram combined with Exposure Compensation. Take the guess work out of exposure control.
  • Learn how to control movement through setting called Shutter Speeds. We look at how to freeze fast moving subjects and how to create a creamy appearance in flowing water.
  • One of the most important creative controls available to a photographer is the ability to control Depth of Field. We will explore using Apertures to throw distracting backgrounds out of focus (or keep interesting backgrounds in focus).
  • We will discuss important accessories including filters, lens hoods, flash and imaging software.
  • We will teach the advantages of RAW files, how to optimize White Balance.
  • Learn how to make better portraits and close-ups. We will do some "panning" and explore perspective.
  • By the end of the workshop you should be confident about using your digital camera and be ready to tackle a wide range of subjects.
  • Questionnaire Round.

We are placing this workshop classes with a motive of making it very informative and at the same time FUN. The small class size means plenty of personal attention. If you are a beginner we will show you what you need to know now. If you already know the basics we will help you take your photography to the very next level.

Workshop Type : Beginners Photography Workshop

Date : To be announced

Location : Bur Dubai, Opp. Dubai Museum, Al Thuraya Tower, Mezzanine Floors Office No. 27-28 , Icon Art Production

Who can attend : The Workshop is open to:

The Beginner photographers,
A Hobbyist of Photography,
Any Individual who would wants to capture family/friends/ best moments.etc….

Equipments : Bring in your own Digital SLR Cameras Preferred or Manual exposer cameras.

In-house : Canon 5D and Canon Mark II will be available for practice.

Payment Mode:

  • Payment should be made prior to the workshop.
  • The Payment must be made not less than 48 hours prior to the workshop.

Cancellation :In case, cancellation of registration happens more than 7 days before the workshop it’s subject to 25% of cancellation fees. Also, if you are unable to attend the workshop a substitute will be accepted.

Visa Issues :Students requiring visa should contact the hotel they wish to stay at directly as soon as possible.

Workshop Venue :To be Announced

For Further Details Contact
Tel. : 04-3515511
Email :