How do I choose a video production company?
  • First of all, do they understand your business and its goals?
  • Did they answer all your media-related questions?
  • Are their prices for corporate services reasonable?
  • Do they have a reputation as an ethical, professional, organized business?
  • Do they offer services, or guarantee results?
What are the steps to making a custom video?

Initial meetings determine the budget, scope, audience and goals of the video, as well as any problems it is meant to be a solution for. Next, we incorporate your business goals, company materials and ideas with our experience and professional skills to create a script outline and storyboard. After the final script is approved, production begins. Once filming is completed the results are edited and delivered to you in a timely fashion.

So, how long does it take to make a video?

From the first meeting to the completion of the final product, video production projects can be short or long-term. Production time is dependent on various factors, however, you can minimize the process time by:

  • Ensuring timely collaboration and feedback.
  • Limiting the number of company people involved in the approval process.
  • Budgeting enough pre-production planning time to fully prepare for the project.
How much does a video cost?

Video costs depend upon your needs. However, we have flexible pricing that ensures we can complete a project within any budget, and still deliver the high quality video you expect.

Do you offer specific event packages? How much do they cost?

No two events are identical, made out of a cookie-cutter mold, so we don't offer pre-made packages. Based on the type of event, and what you desire us to create, we can come up with very reasonably priced event packages tailored specifically for you. You get a unique, quality ICON art production product that fits your budget, rather than being forced to fit into a pre-planned package that doesn't meet your needs.

What is the minimum and maximum number of cameras I can have at my event?

The size of the event usually is a good measure of the number of cameras that need to be used, although ICON art production is always flexible and will supply you with what you want.

Will you travel outside the U.A.E to film an event?

Yes ofcourse !

Do you charge for travel over X miles?

As with any ICON art production project, travel expenses are included in the estimated project cost. There will never be any added "mileage" fees that you'll be left to discover after the project is done.